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Wedding Gifting from Anthropologie

Happy Tuesday Lovelies!

Today, I spent the morning shopping for a dear friend’s bridal shower and for our cousin’s wedding and it got me thinking about wedding gifts. Now, maybe it’s one of the reasons why I am a wedding planner, but I LOVE being a guest at weddings and one of my other favorite things is buying gifts!

I am a firm believer in thinking outside the box when it comes to gifts. Sure, they have a registry for a reason, however, who needs 50 wine glasses or 50 white teapots (I am looking at you Aunt Cheri). Why not get them something that’s useful but still unique. Something outside the box that not everyone will think to get. It will give them a nice break between opening pots and pans and wine glasses and vacuum cleaners.

That’s where Anthropologie comes in (this is NOT a sponsored post). They have the most amazing selection for Brides AND Grooms. You can also do a registry there, and be a forward thinking Bride. Why not have fun with your life?


Just Married Dishtowel / Tea and Crumpets Apron / Mildred Potholders / Newlywed Cookbook / Imperial Cheese Knives

Now… Get to shopping!

xoxo, Dani